White Tomorrow

Roketto Dan: It's a White Tomorrow! Part 1

Narrator: Pocket Monsters the CD Drama.

Roketto Dan: Roketto Dan: It's A White Tomorrow!

Musashi: Part One!

Narrator: In the Pocket Monster world, there are various kinds of people battling over getting pocket monsters. Even these familiar three have a story of love and truth that no one has ever heard before...

Musashi*: If one asks this or that,

Kojirou*: The answer we'll give is society's sympathy.

Musashi: For the sake of preventing world destruction,

Kojirou: For the sake of protecting world peace,

Musashi: To penetrate the evils of love and truth,

Kojirou: The lovely and charming villains,

Musashi: Musashi!

Kojirou: Kojirou!

Musashi: Wagering the galaxy, we're the Roketto Dan couple.

Kojirou: A white hole...we're waiting for a white tomorrow!

Nyarth (3): That's right!

Musashi: (Steps up) Now, now, now! Today, for certain -

Kojirou: We'll get your Pikachu (4)!

Nyarth: Hahahah! You are rats in a sack! (Pikachu swishes by) We're different from usual today.

Satoshi: Pikachu! 100,000 volts!

Pikachu: Pi~ka...CHU~!

Roketto Dan: (Shocked) WAH!

Takeshi: Go Iwak (5)!

Iwak: Oo...

Takeshi: Crash attack!

Iwak: Oo...

(CRASH! Roketto Dan is blown away)

Nyarth: Hey! Listen to me until the end will you?

Kasumi: So long!

Roketto dan: YA NA KANJI!

(Roketto Dan drops down from the sky)

Musashi: Ow...

Kojirou: My little finger...I hit my little finger..ow...

Nyarth: We lost to them again!

Musashi: It's because you take so much time advertising yourself!

Nyarth: WHAT! If you say that, then who are you two talking to? What "White Hole?!"

Musashi: Any hero tries to look good!

Kojirou: Hey, hey...whatever, but I'm hungry. (Stomach growls)

Nyarth: I'm going to tell the Boss (6) about today's failure you know.

Musashi: What, "Boss, Boss, Boss?" Don't act like a honor student on your own. And anyway, you're always losing to Pikachu! Aren't you ashamed as a cat?!

Nyarth: It's the end if you say that!

Musashi: Don't tell me you're making yourself look good when you're reporting to the Boss. There's always a fellow like that in class.

Kojirou: And there's a fellow in class... (Stomach growls) that's always hungry.

Nyarth: This time you've got me mad!

Musashi: What are you putting out your claws for? You want to fight?

Kojirou: I don't care, but I'm hungry!

Musashi: Shut up! (Hits Kojiro)

Nyarth: Today we're definitely going to decide who's the winner!

Kojirou: What are you talking about?! Mondo! Bring me some food!!!!

(Sound of a jeep is heard from the background)

Kojirou:Oh, that's...

Nyarth: Ha?

Musashi: Huh?

Kojirou: Take a look to your right, what you see there is...

Musashi: That's a symbol of our Roketto Dan...the Earl's flag (7)!

Nyarth: It's a messenger from the Boss!

(Rocket Jeep pulls up, driver steps out)

Mondo: My sempai's (8) ! It's Mondo, Roketto Dan Special Delivery Member Trainee. I was called and I've flown over quick and fast!

Musashi: Welcome Mondo-chan (9).

Mondo: Oh, Musashi-sempai, you're as beautiful as ever today.

Musashi: Oh, keep saying these things so true.

Mondo: Hello Master Nyarth, your whiskers are shining handsomely today.

Nyarth: You've grown better at flattery.

Kojirou: Anyway, do you have any food? Food?!

Mondo: Of course, I'm your help-man, so I've brought Rocket Box Lunches from the Rocket Gang Cafeteria - abbreviated, "Rocklunch!" Oh, but before that...(Takes something out) I've been entrusted with your activities' funds from the finance department.(Opens briefcase - money twinkles)

Musashi & Kojirou: Ohh...Cash!!!!

Nyarth: Neko Ni Koban! Neko Ni Koban (10)!

Musashi: It's been a while since I've seen any...

Kojirou: Thanks for everything all the time, Mondo.

Mondo: No...all of you who attain the evil of love and truth, are my adoration. Oh, here's your Rocklunch.

Kojirou: I've been waiting for this!

Kojirou: Itadakimasu (11)!

Musashi: Itadakimasu! (Musashi, Kojiro, and Nyarth begin to eat)

(Pouring tea)

Roketto Dan: It's good...delicious.

Mondo: Oh, thank you very much. I'm so glad when you say so...Oh, such great appetite!

Nyarth: (With mouth full) So these things are additions?

(Kojirou in background comments on food)

Mondo: Yes! Oh, adoration? I'm happy just to be able to eat with all of you like this.

Musashi: (With mouth full) Oh, you're so cute.

Kojirou: (With mouth full) You won't belive how much you help us by bringing those super items (12)...

Mondo: Oh, I just want to carry out my orders as accurately as possible...

Musashi: (With mouth full) You're so modest. We're always getting assistance...

Kojirou: (With mouth full) Starting with that modified hole digging device that help us when we were trying to get Pikachu (13) was great.

Musashi & Nyarth: Yeah, yeah.

Nyarth: (With mouth full) There was that thing that made that dokurage big (14) too.

Kojirou: (With mouth full - someone sips tea in the background) M...hmm. It helped out alot in fights at sea.

Musashi: You got the explosives ready for our trademark lines (15).

Kojirou: Oh yeah, you're a man of exceptional talent that has been supporting Roketto Dan behind the stage.

Nyarth: Uh, huh. But every single one's been fail...

Musashi & Kojiro: (Forcing dumplings into Nyarth's mouth) Woah hahahaha!!

Kojirou: Hey Nyarth, why don't you stick another one of these dumplings down your mouth, eh?

Nyarth: What are you two doing!!!

Mondo: A.a...are you all right?

Musashi: Don't worry. This is his favorite.

Kojirou: You just aim for the bright future ahead of you!

(Fanfare and applause)

Nyarth: You two really think so?

Musashi: (Whispers to Nyarth) You are such a dolt!

Kojirou: (Whispers to Nyarth) If the Boss finds out that we've been failing day and night...

Musashi: ...we're fired.

Kojirou: Your dream of becoming the Boss' pet won't be able to come true.

Nyarth: Augh, you're right...

Mondo: Excuse me...

Nyarth: Oh, Mondo-kun (16) ...our success story depends on your assistance!

Mondo: Gosh! Thank you very much! If you say that Master Nyarth, I must give all my best!

(Video runs)

Kojirou: Ready? This is the good part!

Mondo: Yes!

Nyarth: They're pretty good.

Kojirou: Our first meeting with Pikachu was in Tokiwa City. It uses techniques that are above its level, and could be a truly unusual pokemon that can do various things to get itself out of a bind.

Mondo: So, for this pokemon, you seniors have been...

Musashi: Exactly. To tell you the truth, this was our secret assignment. Of course, we're telling only you.

Nyarth: Oh was it?

Musashi: You talk too much each time! (Strangles Nyarth)

Kojirou: Of course, in addition to this secret assignment, we're also participating in planning for the development of our Roketto Dan.

Mondo: Wow!!! So I'm helping a tiny bit in this great job...

Kojirou: Mmm...The success of all of our plans are indeed, thanks to you, Mondo-kun. I'm grateful to you.

Nyarth: Isn't that embarrasing to say so yourself?

Kojirou: It's a human's strong point to say things that are so far from the truth. I bet pokemon can't do that!

Nyarth: It isn't really a point to be thankful for.

Mondo: Oh, I want to be just like all of you seniors real soon.

Musashi: You'll be able to. You have a pokemon too, don't you?

Mondo: Yes, for the time being.

Musashi: All right, then why don't we try you out? The Big Girl here can play with you for a while.

Mondo: Play? (17) Oh, you'll be fighting with me? Yes!

Musashi: Yeah, it's a fight. A fight.

Mondo: Yes.

Musashi: All right. Here I go! All right, get back.

Mondo: (Steps back) Yes.

Musashi: A little further.

Mondo: (Steps back further) Around here?

Musashi: OK. Let's see... Arbock (18) go!(Releases Arbock)

Arbock: Sha~rbock!

Mondo: Me too. Go, Metamon (19)! (Releases Metamon)

Metamon: Mon Mon!

Roketto Dan: Wah!

Kojirou: That's a metamon, we've gotten in trouble with it a long time ago (20).

Nyarth: But wouldn't it be different from the defect from that time?

Musashi: You're saying those things, but aren't you thinking the same thing I am?

Kojirou: Same as the right.

Nyarth: Neko Ni Koban.

Mondo: What's wrong? What happened to the battle?

Musashi: I know, I know. Charge Arbock!

Arbock: Sha~rbock! (Charges)

Mondo: All right, Metamon, transform!

Metamon: Mon! (Transforms)

Metamon as Arbock: Sha~rbock!

Kojirou: It did it! It can perfectly transform!

Mondo: Poison Attack!

Arbock: Sha~rbock! (Receives blow)

Mondo: Huh? The Poison Attack didn't work.

Musashi: That won't work against a poison attack expert like Arbock. (To Arbock) Snake Glare!

Arbock: Sha~! (Glares)

Metamon as Arbock: Sh...shobu...

Mondo: Oh, Metamon can't move!

Musashi: Crash Attack to finish it off!

Arbock: Sha~rbock! (Charges Metamon)

Metamon: Mo~n...

Mondo: Oh no, Metamon is knocked out...Return, Metamon! (Metamon returns) Senior Musashi, I give up.

Musashi: (Running toward Arbock) Yeah! Hooray! Arbock we won! We won! We won! We finally won!

Arbock: Sha~rbock...(They hug and cry)

Musashi: I'm so emotional...

Mondo: What's wrong, Sempai, you're crying so much.

Nyarth: It's understandable, they're always losing to bratty Pikachu...

Kojirou: Ah, you say a little too much each time.

Mondo: Huh?

Kojirou: Oh, nothing...it's just that Musashi has a habit of crying from respect for her opponent (21).

Mondo: AUGH! (Starts to cry) That's wonderful! That attitude of thinking of your opponent and not drowning in your own victory!!! It's wonderful!

Nyarth: What a happy fellow.

Musashi: Wipe off my tears...(Wipes her tears) And speaking of it, Mondo-chan...

Mondo: Yes?

Musashi: How's about raising your Metamon with us for a while?

Mondo: Really? It's all right?

Musashi: Of course, it's for my beloved Mondo-chan. Anyway, pokemon gain more experience when they're exchanged, right?

Mondo: You're absolutely right.

Kojirou: And, you know...if you get our pokemon you'd be able to learn about real battles and things.

Mondo: Yes!

Nyarth: So what are you going to exchange it with?

Musashi: That's obvious.

Kojirou: We can't give him [Mondo] our precious pokemon that we received as year-end presents.

Nyarth: Then the deal can't go through.

Musashi: There's one more.

Kojirou: Aren't you forgetting something?

Nyarth: Ha?

Musashi: You're a cat pokemon, aren't you?! (Punches Nyarth)

Nyarth: That's right! I was a pokemon too!

Mondo: Wow! So I get to have Master Nyarth?

Musashi: Ding dong!

Kojirou: Exactly!

Mondo: Wow! Thank you very much!

Nyarth: W..w...wait! Don't decide all on your own!

Kojirou: Yes! We can get rid of a nuisance!

Musashi: Yes, Ii kanji.

Narrator: Roketto Dan's sudden pokemon exchange. Oh what will ever become of Nyarth? When I say to be continued...

Musashi & Kojirou: ...It'll continue!

Nyarth: Hey, wait a minute! Are you two really going to exchange me?!

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